Martin’s Project

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To make adaptations to the home of Martin Wilks, a general builder who was left paralysed and with a fractured skull after a fall at work.


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Martin Wilks, a general builder from Almeley, Herefordshire, fell from steps whilst at work in June 2018 and was left paralysed along with a severe brain injury. Martin is the next beneficiary to receive help from Band of Builders.



The Project

Martin has been hospital since his accident, suffering strokes, seizures, infections pneumonia and a lung abscess. More recently, he has been undergoing treatment at a specialist neuro rehabilitation unit in Leamington Spa and has been able to regain some use of his arms. However, his legs remain paralysed so for Martin to regain independence and live comfortably at home with wife ….. And children ….., internal and external adaptations are needed.

They include an extension that will allow the construction of a wet room as there is currently only a bathroom upstairs, as well as work to level the floors and widen doorways to make them wheelchair friendly. Landscaping works will also be needed and a new heating system to replace the existing open fire. Martin’s family have applied for grants to carry out the work, but Band of Builders is also helping the family as part of its work to help members of the UK construction trade and their families.

BoB will be helping Martin over the coming months, but assistance will take place in phases due to the planning application process for the extension. We have just launched Phase 1, which will involve updating the heating system by installing a new wood burning stove. Band of Builders trustee Dan Harris said: “Martin’s house currently has an open fire that is unsafe and not in use so needs work to stop the elements and draught blowing down. On top of this, oil for the boiler is expensive and it’s difficult to refill due to the location of the home, so a wood burner will make it much easier and economical for Martin’s family to heat their home. Phase One of this project is the first step in making sure that Martin can be as comfortable as possible in his home, despite his injury.”

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