Can Band of Builders help you?

If you have a project in mind where you think Band of Builders could help please get in touch with us today.

Who can apply?

Band of Builders considers applications from people in need of assistance who work, or have worked, within the construction industry and trades or associated to construction trades, such as merchants and manufacturers who are allied to trades occupations. We will also accept applications from family members of people who work or have worked within the construction industry, in the trades or associated to trades.

We are unable to consider applications from people who are not able to show a direct occupational link to the construction industry.

How can we help?

Band of Builders provides adaptation and renovation projects and can consider helping if you are facing troubles due to disability, illness, unexpected hardship or difficulty, such as the care of dependants. If you are unsure whether you are eligible for our help, please message us on our social media channels or email us at

How to apply

To be considered for assistance you will be required to fill in a full application form with disclosure of financial and personal information. We will use the information you submit in this form to assess whether you may be eligible for assistance from Band of Builders.

Please understand that although we are actively seeking projects to help people in need, Band of Builders is a small charitable organisation, staffed by volunteers and is currently not grant assisted. Whilst Band of Builders members give their time and skills free of charge, the funds for materials to deliver our projects are limited, so we have to look very carefully at all applications to ensure that they comply with our charitable objectives and fall within our capacity. Sadly, we are not able to help in all cases.

If you feel that your circumstances fit the criteria and can demonstrate that there is a real and specific benefit to the potential beneficiary, please fill in the following form.

Who We've Helped

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This has made a huge difference to us - the extra space means I’ve even got my dining room table back so we can finally eat together as a family again. This really has changed everything.

Carl Jenkins Sadie's Dad

We’re all so grateful and excited that these guys are travelling from all over the country to help us. We feel blessed. Pippa’s oblivious to it all at the moment but one day she’ll be able to look back and see all the people who went out of their way to help her.

Rhiannon Atkinson Pippa's Mum

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How Can We Help?

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You will be contacted by one of our team regarding your enquiry. We aim to respond to all enquiriess within 10 working days. Please be aware that enquiries are prioritised in terms of their urgency and not necessarily in the order that they are received.

The information you have provided will be kept confidential and will only be used to assess your application for assistance. The information will be kept no longer than necessary and will be retained securely in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.