BoB’s Big Christmas Quiz

BoB’s Big Christmas Quiz! (because “BoB’s Big Free Socially Distanced Family Quiz Review of the Year 2020” was just a bit too much). Settle in for a little family fun as we take a look back at the year most of us would probably rather forget. The volunteers, staff and beneficiaries at Band of Builders have written, produced and starred in the first (and possibly only) official BoB quiz of the year with the same mentality as our projects – get stuck in, do your best and get the job done. We hope you enjoy our first attempt – we’ve tried to make the questions a reflection of world events, quirky news stories and of course BoB projects and fundraisers. Please be kind, every person involved has given their time to make this video for your enjoyment and to spread awareness of Band of Builders. It isn’t perfect, you might find a few small quality issues as all footage was filmed on mobile phones at home after a hard day’s graft, in the van during a break and during the quality family time we all cherish at weekends.

Please share it if you enjoyed it, scroll past if you didn’t, and a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous 2021 to everyone from all of us at BoB.

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  1. Which James Bond film had the launch delayed in 2020?
  2. Basketball sadly lost which legend in a helicopter crash in Jan 2020?
  3. In May, NASA launched which craft to the International Space Station?
  4. Dua Lipa and The Live Lounge Allstars released which Foo Fighters cover during the first lockdown?
  5. Which War veteran walked 100 laps of his garden raising millions for charity?
  6. Kurt Russell has returned as Santa in The Christmas Chronicles 2 but which actress plays opposite him as Mrs Claus?
  7. In July, which High Street retailer stopped printing their famous catalogue?
  8. Which daredevil fundraiser did Tilly Truestar Brown perform during lockdown? a. Skydive b. Wingwalk c. Bungee Jump
  9. Which Welsh rugby player earned his record breaking 150th test cap in 2020?
  10. Where was Donald Trump when he heard the news he’d lost the election? a. In the bath b. playing golf c. in the pub
  11. James Corden recently announced he was writing mew material for Gavin and Stacey but what’s his character called in the series?
  12. At BoB we try and pick two colours for each project’s merchandise. Which colours did we use for Chris’ Project in Norwich?
  13. The 2020 summer Olympics was postponed, which city was planned to be the host?
  14. Which nautical souvenir was Chris presented with at the end of his project?
  15. Which football team won the Premier League in 2019-20?
  16. When we’ve finished our days work, what to BoBs call a post-project drink. a. DustBuster b. Sundowner c. Liquid Lunch
  17. In October 2020 which Scottish MP broke lockdown rules by travelling between London and Glasgow?
  18. What is the official distance of the London Marathon?
  19. In February 2020 the Bank of England released the new polymer £20, can you name the artist who features on the back?
  20. Which BoB event was organised by Gavin Duddle and won by Paul McRobie? a. Snooker Tournament b. Fishing competition c. Darts match
  21. Which European country was officially the first to go into lockdown in March 2020?
  22. Which recent Disney series features the character Grogu? (Also known as baby Yoda)
  23. Which children’s comic strip character from Nutwood recently celebrated his 100th Birthday?
  24. Which famous player won his 6th title at the World Snooker Championship in 2020?
  25. How much money has been received today through our text donate numbers?